1778: Kosciuszko’s Garden

While stationed at West Point from 1778 to 1780, Polish military engineer Thaddeus Kosciuszko created a small retreat for himself in some rocks overlooking the Hudson River. Dr. James Thatcher’s journal for July 28, 1778 recalls: Here I bad the pleasure of being introduced to Colonel Thaddeus Kosciusko, a gentleman of distinction from Poland, Having… Continue reading 1778: Kosciuszko’s Garden

1802: The Eastern Plain

FORT CLINTON Visitors to the remains of Fort Clinton today might think that the Fort was constructed of stone, but most of the original fortification, completed between 1778-1780, was dirt and wood. By 1802, the walls had decayed to the point that Joseph Gardner Swift refereed to the Fort as “dilapidated” with portals reminiscent of… Continue reading 1802: The Eastern Plain